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China's fastener industry gradually towards ...

Along with the deepening of reform and opening-round competition on the market of fasteners and more intense, many foreign companies continue to enter the Chinese market, and rooted in our landing, the use of cheap labor, the production of its branded products for more high profit. 
Under this pressure, how to make local industries have sprung up everywhere, many enterprises become a chronic problem. In the current strength was not as good as foreign premise, the development of the domestic green manufacturing fasteners undoubtedly lit a beacon localization big stride towards the pace of development. 
In China, the development of the fastener, the coming period will continue to move in the direction of brand management and actively promote, promote all-round development of fasteners projects. 
On the product, the quality of high-end products will accelerate the localization of R & D, design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap the whole process of treatment, the waste should be considered a minimum, lowest emissions, maximum utilization of resources and environmental impact minimal , so that the business and social benefits coordination optimization; in terms of circulation, explore patterns of various value-added services, to deliver value to customers and stakeholders. From providing a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, and the service in the fastener manufacturing companies in the proportion of sales revenue will gradually increase. 
The discovery of direction, and a large aircraft, large power generation equipment, automobiles, high speed trains, large vessels, large equipment as the representative of advanced manufacturing will also enter the important direction of development. Thus, the amount of high-strength fasteners will grow rapidly. The fastener enterprises to improve product technology level, must from equipment improvement, technology started to improve, micro transformation, both in species, or types, or consumer object, the direction should be towards a more diversified development. 
To sum up, as long as we are able to put through reforms conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship build up the institutional and policy environment, seize the current global fasteners are faced with the opportunity to small or large technological breakthroughs, and play to their strengths, development some high-quality products with international competitiveness, but also entirely possible. 
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