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China foundry mold industry to catch ...

After years of rapid development, China has become the world's manufacturing center and a manufacturing power metal casting mold industry. Although China metal casting mold industry market prosperity, however, in terms of quality, roughness, accuracy or structures are associated with world-class products have a greater distance. 
Over the years, our casting mold industry has been steadily developing, although compared to the international level there is a gap, but with the continuous development of China's economic strength, just around the corner to catch up with international standards. 
China's mold industry has experienced years of development, the mold industry, the production cycle is higher than the international level, but the product level is relatively low. This is mainly due to the aspect of precision casting mold, the surface roughness of the cavity, and the life of the structure and the like. Moment, our casting mold companies a low proportion of technical personnel, the level is low, and do not attach importance to product development, the market is often in a passive position. 
As China's economy has maintained sustained growth, foundry industry will maintain rapid growth and promote industrial development in the casting mold making, casting mold very active market, due to the lower cost of production molds, die casting technology with improved sound and quality. Not only can reduce imports of the mold, and may gradually open foreign markets, mold exports will be a great development. 
Phenomena show that under the guidance of the policy, under the direction of development of the foundry industry, China's small and medium private enterprises casting mold to thrive mushroomed up, the contribution of SMEs to the community has become increasingly prominent, with China's Casting their own continuous innovation and improvement, China's foundry industry will usher in greater development prospects. 


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